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Teeth Whitening

Simple, safe, free from sensitivity, with truly stunning results.

The best results at the best price

Horizon Dental uses the industry’s leading technology for in-chair laser whitening. The professional dentists teeth whitening process takes approximately 90 minutes, offers little risk of sensitivity and results in significant improvement in tooth shade for whiter teeth and a brighter smile for up to two years.

Experience the difference of SmartBleach Whitening System with KTP Laser Activation

Unlike other popular in-chair teeth whitening systems that use ultraviolet light activation, the use of the KTP laser in conjunction with SmartBleach’s formulated whitening gel allows for a more effective whitening teeth procedure and is capable of improving even the most stubborn teeth discolouration.

The use of the KTP laser also allows for localised and controlled gel activation, meaning that certain teeth can be targeted specifically if required to ensure a more uniform final result.

The benefits of in-chair laser teeth whitening treatment

Highly Effective

The SmartBleach formulated bleaching gel coupled with the KTP laser activation is the industry leading standard and the world’s most effective system for professional teeth whitening services.


Unlike ultraviolet-activated gel or extended daily wearing of bleaching trays with powerful chemical solutions, laser teeth whitening treatments offer a minimal risk of sensitivity. Our dentists create custom whitening trays to fit your teeth snugly.

Lasting Results

Feel confident in the lasting effects of laser whitening for up to two years. Get brighter teeth with lasting results, at a reasonable cost for teeth whitening in Sydney. Keep in mind that results are impacted by diet and lifestyle.


“Laser whitening is the most broadly effective method to whiten teeth. There are many patient-specific situations where other popular systems will have insignificant effects. That is why we have so many patients come to us for this procedure."

Something worth smiling about

Whatever it is you’re concerned about, we are here to make you feel your best and it starts with a healthy mouth and a natural, captivating smile.



A smile tells a story

The advantages of laser whitening

It’s never been easier to improve your confidence.

Our laser teeth whitening procedure is:

  • Safe
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Gentle on enamel
  • Protective of gum tissue
  • All done in one appointment

Ok, what's next?

Ready to walk away smiling? Book in for a renewed smile with laser whitening.