Payment & Pricing

We have complete transparency on all our fees and pride ourselves on presenting each and every option to our patients.

The Horizon Dental All Inclusive Comprehensive Examination & Clean $270

Comprehensive Examination

Thorough examination of all oral soft tissue, teeth and gums; oral cancer screening, lymph node screening, skin check; TMJ examination; comprehensive x-ray analysis; aesthetic consultation.


Two bitewing radiographs to check between the teeth for decay and periodontal health. Screen for infection, TMJ health, orthodontic considerations and overall periodontal health.

Scale & Clean

Thorough debridement of all teeth. Specialised stain removal.

Fluoride Application

High concentration fluoride application to remineralise enamel and minimise risk of future decay.

Price List

All our dental pricing is indicative of gross totals and not reflective of your health fund rebate. Depending on your health fund, your out-of-pocket expense may be up to 30-50% less.



  • One Surface $190

    Item code: 521

  • Two Surface $230

    Item code: 522

  • Three Surface $250

    Item code: 523


  • One Surface $210

    Item code: 531

  • Two Surface $240

    Item code: 532

  • Three Surface $260

    Item code: 533

Teeth Whitening

Root Canal Treatment

  • Front Tooth $1,200

    Item code: 415, 418 & 572

  • Premolar Teeth $1,200

    Item code: 415, 416, 417, 418 & 572

  • Molar Teeth $1,600

    Item code: 415, 416×2, 417, 418×2 & 572


  • Simple Extraction $210

    Item code: 311

  • Crowns $1,700

    Item code: 613

  • Veneers $1,700

    Item code: 556

  • Splint $700

    Item code: 965

  • Snoring Appliance $1,400

    Item code: 984

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We are partnered with HICAPS and all major health funds to ensure maximum and on the spot health fund rebates for all our patients

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